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Refrigerate quickly and achieve demanded low temperature with powerful evaporator 

Separate touch pad controls for each cylinder lets you make combination twist of differing products 

Gravity mix feeding system offers simple operation and smoother, creamier product 

High performance dasher with very good overrun (up to 50%) 

Unique freezing cylinder optimizes refrigerant efficiency 

Dasher and outer panels are all stainless steel 

Pre-cool system installed to keep the liquid yogurt mix fresh 

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Awesome high quality used soft-serve machines to add new profits to your Canadian ice cream frozen yogurt, restaurant, convenience store, cafe, gas station etc.

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Cheap Ice Cream Machines Canada

USED Package of Five (5) of Taylor 791 3 ph Water 2012

Please make sure you have 3 phase power in your location and understand that these are water cooled ice cream machines. Available as of March 6th, 2019

Used Stoelting Machines Canada

Used Stoelting Model F-231

Used Stoelting Model F-231 Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Machines. WATER COOLED, single phase, Very good working condition, units were new in 2014. One unit left as of March 2019

Bulk Wholesale Ice Cream Machines

Used Stoelting F-231 FIVE AVAILABLE Single Phase Air

Up to 5 Used Stoelting F-231 Machines new in 2012. SINGLE PHASE AIR COOLED. Want more than 1 but less than 5? Get in touch. 5 Units available as of February 2019

Cheap Frozen Yogurt Machines Canada


Used Electro Freezer Countertop CS8-237 Single Phase Air Cooled (1PHZ, Air-Cooled) Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Machine. Made in late 2015. Couple of units available as of April 2019

Snow Cream Shaved Snow Machine and Mix

Instant Snow Cream, Shaved Snow Machine

Introducing Instant Flow To Snow

Making Snow Flakes Out of Any Liquid Instantly. Create your own delicious recipes by using any ice cream mix, frozen yogurt mix, custard mix, gelato mix, sorbet mix, milk, juice, cocktails, wine and much more.  

Cheap Soft Serve Machine Canada USA

Soft Serve Machine for Countertop and Self-Serve Applications
Model # MiniGel Plus 1

Brand New CAN$3379 plus hst and delivery. Only Two Left in Stock at this amazing price!

The MiniGel by Grindmaster-Cecilware™ is similar to slush machines but has a stronger freezing compressor that chills at or below 20°F which creates a product similar to soft serve.

Serve Awesome Soft Serve Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, or Milkshakes via Minigel Plus 1 - Brand New CAN $3379

Clear product bowl draws customers
45 - 60 minute freezing cycle
Chills at or below 20 degrees Fahrenheit
User-friendly interface
Great for coffee shops, convenience stores, small ice cream shops, food trucks, small restaurants, bakeries, delis etc.
Freezes and serves commercial soft serve or non-dairy mixes, vegan ice cream mix, including: ice milk, ice cream, yogurt, and frozen dietary desserts. Total Cold refrigeration system keeps product at constant temperature

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