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New and Used Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machines, Frozen Yogurt Machines, Frozen Beverage Machines, Slush Machines offered at highly discounted wholesale prices for Direct B2B Sales across Canada. Buy outright or rent the soft serve machines, slush machines with our Flexible Rental Program. Save BIG with our Direct B2B Wholesale Pricing on top selling soft serve machines, slush machines, granita machines and much more!
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Brampton ON, 2019 Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt Season

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No Wasting Your Valuable Time

No Exorbitant Pricing

3 Year Parts Warranty

5 Year Compressor Warranty

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Flexible Rental Program ™ or Buy outright with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bank Deposit or Wire Transfer

Top Quality Brand New Soft-Serve Machines at nearly half the price!

Buy Soft-Serve Machines at Wholesale Prices in Canada via Direct Shipping

Awesome high quality yet affordable new and used soft-serve machines to add new profits to your Canadian ice cream frozen yogurt, restaurant, convenience store, cafe, gas station etc.

Wholesale Cheap Soft Serve Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machines for Canada, USA and Worldwide

Buy below wholesale and way below list price. Buy Direct And Never pay list price for soft-serve machines ever again!

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Buy and Sell Ice Cream Machines in Canada

Buy Ice Cream Machines in Canada

We love Canada, the greatest country in the world, bar none. Save your hard earned money when you buy ice cream machines Direct for shipping anywhere in Canada.  We make the process of buying Ice Cream Machines in Canada stress-free at near wholesale prices!

Ice Cream Machine Rentals USA Canada

Flexible Rental Progra m™

Our flexible rental program allows you to rent short-term, long-term, or Rent-to-Own. Whether you are in need of additional equipment to meet seasonal demands, to test a new product, or to start up a line at a lower entry cost, we have the right rental solution for your needs.

Step 1  
Select the equipment you need, sign the rental agreement, pay the balance, and arrange shipping.  

Step 2
We will invoice you monthly until you send the equipment back, upgrade or purchase it through our Flexible Rental Program. 

Soft Serve Machine Monthly Rental Canada

Brand New Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt Machine for CAD $4800!

The D150 is the smallest and lightest commercial soft serve machine in the world, and its compact size and light weight makes it perfect for light volume applications. The D150 utilizes automatic consistency control for smooth and creamy product with every serving. Serves frozen yogurt, sorbet, custard, soft serve ice cream, gelato, milk shakes, ice capps, and frozen slush products.  This is a very high quality yet the most affordable enry level commercial ice cream machine in Canada and perhaps the only Commercial grade soft serve machine for under CAD $5000.  Buy it on your credit card and make monthly payments to your card from the profits generated by this machine.  It will pay for itself and bring your customers coming back to you for more frozen treats.

Great for coffee shops, convenience stores, small ice cream shops, food trucks, small restaurants, cafes, smoothie stores, bakeries, delis etc. Freezes and serves commercial soft serve mixes, non-dairy mixes, vegan ice cream mix, including: ice milk, ice cream, yogurt, and frozen dietary desserts. Total Cold refrigeration system keeps product at constant temperature. 115 V, 7 AMP

Thank you BONUS:  Buy this machine and get 3 cases of Frostline Vanilla Ice Cream Mix or Frostline Chocolate Ice Cream Mix FREE.  These three cases will yield you 2034 x 4 oz cups.  If you sell it for CAD $2.50 per cup, you will earn (2034 cups x CAD $2.50 per cup) = CAD $5085.00 almost enough to pay for the machine FREE!


Buy Top Selling Used Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machines at highly discounted prices

Cheap Ice Cream Machines Canada

USED Package of Five (5) of Taylor 791 3 ph Water 2012

Please make sure you have 3 phase power in your location and understand that these are water cooled ice cream machines. Available as of March 6th, 2019. Sold on April 10th. 

Used Stoelting Machines Canada

Used Stoelting Model F-231

Used Stoelting Model F-231 Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Machines. WATER COOLED, single phase, Very good working condition, units were new in 2014. One unit left as of March 2019

Bulk Wholesale Ice Cream Machines

Used Stoelting F-231 FIVE AVAILABLE Single Phase Air

Up to 5 Used Stoelting F-231 Machines new in 2012. SINGLE PHASE AIR COOLED. Want more than 1 but less than 5? Get in touch. 5 Units available as of February 2019

Cheap Frozen Yogurt Machines Canada


Used Electro Freezer Countertop CS8-237 Single Phase Air Cooled (1PHZ, Air-Cooled) Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Machine. Made in late 2015. Couple of units available as of April 2019 - Sold on May 12th!

Cheap Soft Serve and Slush Machine Canada USA

New and Used Slush Machines For Direct Sales in Canada

Bowl Size: 3.2 Gallon (x3)

Weight: 115 lbs

Width x Height x Depth: 21" x 32" x 15"

Stainless Steel with Black Trim

LED Lighted Lids for Merchandising, Low Power Consumption, and Low Heat

Heavy Duty Handles for Durability

Adjustable Consistency Control

Night refrigeration Mode

115 v / 60 Hz

Snow Cream Shaved Snow Machine and Mix

Instant Snow Cream, Shaved Snow Machine

Introducing Instant Flow To Snow

Making Snow Flakes Out of Any Liquid Instantly. Create your own delicious recipes by using any ice cream mix, frozen yogurt mix, custard mix, gelato mix, sorbet mix, milk, juice, cocktails, wine and much more.  

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